Monday, June 11, 2012

95% official

Its about 95% official that Jeff will be moving to Texas for work. Its 100% official that I got into to the Vet. Tec. program at Maple Woods so I won't be going with him to Texas. We spent a lot of time talking about our options and for us, right now, we don't want to officially leave Kansas City. We have too many good things here for us like our friends, my job, our home. This is our city. Jeff & I love KC and we believe that this is the time for a little adjustments so we can stay in KC.  Some might think that "you 2 are married, you're supposed to go together" but for us, we are both giving  up things so we think about ouryfuture. With Jeff's job traveling is part of the deal & we would rather him travel now with no munchkins so that we can stay close to our family & our friends in the future.  And then there's me. The tech program only takes 27 out of the 80+ people that apply. Its sort of special that I made the cut. I can't be a receptionist forever. So during this time, I'm going to study & hold down the home fort while Jefferson works his ass off in Texas. We'll talk, skype, text, daily. Me and abbers could make a road trip to Texas. Jeff can fly home. It will be like dating again. We dated 3 years living 3 hours away from each other. I would like to think that after 4 crazy years of marriage we can make it over another hurdle.  Marriage is hard & life is always surpising us. Plans we make never turn out like we expected but that's what keeps me trusting in God & Jeff. I know that God is good and I trust that Jeff has me in mind.  We'll take what cards we're dealt & make the  most of it. 

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